ISIS’s Sharia Mufti formation ends


Shafaq News / Today, Saturday, Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi revealed the end of “Sharia Mufti “ in ISIS.

The Al-Hashd media spokesman Ali Hashem al-Husseini told Shafaq News agency that ISIS, and before it, al-Qaeda established the so-called “Sharia Mufti” formations to attract people to join terrorist organizations under jihadist titles, indicating that the terrorist organizations targeted “Sunni areas” to build Bases for support and sectarian incitement.

Al-Husseini stressed that the security forces and PMF were able to end the "myths" of the Sharia Mufti and the terrorist organizations' loss of a false ideological base through which they aimed to establish extremist terrorist areas supported by regional and global powers and states.

He pointed out that ISIS lost 97% of its power after the end of Sharia mufti, which did not find any acceptance in all Sunni areas, and which, through Sunnis security and intelligence cooperation with the security services and Al-Hashd, contributed to getting rid of ISIS.

Social researchers believe that extremism spread at its beginning after the fall of the former regime in rural and remote semi-isolated areas in mixed population governorates, stressing that al-Qaeda and ISIS took advantage of "jihad" titles to drag people to carry out armed operations or to cooperate with militant organizations.

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