ISIS militants abduct five shepherds, 250 sheep in Kirkuk


Shafaq News/ A group of militants affiliated with the terrorist organization of ISIS reportedly abducted five shepherds from a village located in southern Kirkuk earlier today, Thursday.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the abductees were tending a flock of sheep in a pasture near the village of al-Tamour when they were attacked by the terrorist group.

The source said that the terrorists drove the five shepherds to a mountainous area known as al-Zarga, near Hemrin, along with 250 sheep that belong to the headman of the Sunni village located between Saladin and Kirkuk.

One of the abductees was released later, according to the source.

The chief of Tuz Khurmato's police department, Hussein Ali Rachid, said that the abducted shepherds are residents of al-Hleiwa village, a Tuz Khurmato village, but the abduction took place in an area that falls under the Jurisdiction of the Daquq district.

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