ISIS member kills his sister in Kanous


Shafaq News / The director of al-Shirqat district, north of Saladin, Gerges Hijab revealed today, Friday, details about ISIS assassination to a woman on the outskirts of the district last night.

Hijab told Shafaq News agency that an ISIS member accompanied by one of his relatives infiltrated covertly into Kanous village, 5 km north of Shirqat, when they were spotted by a woman tried to tell his security official husband.

ISIS member kills the woman who is his sister and fled with his companion to areas far from the village.

Hijab considered this assassination as the first in more than a month after the French air strikes carried out in remote areas where ISIS elements are present.

In the same context, A security source told Shafaq News agency, on Thursday night, that "ISIS killed his sister by firing squad because of her husband's affiliation with Al-Hashd in of Kanous, 5 km northeast of Shirqat.

The areas north of Shirqat contain hideouts for ISIS militants due to their vast extension and proximity to the Makhoul Mountains in Nineveh, the largest stronghold of the armed organizations.

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