ISIS does not have the ability to return to Kirkuk, Iraqi MP says


Shafaq News / MP of Kirkuk Governorate, Jamal Muhammad Shakour, ruled out the ability of ISIS to threaten Kirkuk and launch attacks inside it.

Shakour told Shafaq News agency, "ISIS terrorists are unable to penetrate the security defenses and fortifications of Kirkuk and are trying by various means to launch attacks and strikes to destabilize security and establish their presence."

Shakour pointed ou to,"The presence of ISIS movements on the outskirts of Al-Dibs, Al-Hawija and southern regions, through mobile detachments or attacks with improvised explosive devices targeting security forces”, stressing the necessity of security coordination between the federal units and the Kurdish security services in the vicinity of Kirkuk, and re-engaging them in the security file and anti-terrorism plans to avoid any security breaches targeting the social peace in Kirkuk, as well as aborting any attempts to revive sleeper cells in the governorate."

Intelligence information indicated that ISIS terrorists are planning to return to Kirkuk and revive sleeper cells to strike and threaten stability, Security sources reported. 

Shafaq Live
Shafaq Live