ISIS boosted deployment in al-Anbar, source says


Shafaq News/ Iraqi reconnaissance crafts detected heavy ISIS deployment in the west of al-Anbar governorate amid reports about apprehending a senior officer of the terrorist organization, a source revealed on Sunday.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that the terrorists were clustered in al-Rutba, al-Qaim, al-Shamiya, and Haditha.

"The whereabouts were determined with precision. Airstrikes or land operations are expected to be decided soon," the source said.

"The security forces arrested a prominent member of the terrorist organization in a pre-set ambush inside a neighborhood in al-Ramadi," the source said.

"The arrestee is a member of an ISIS sleeper cell in the governorate. He is involved in terrorist attacks civilians and against security personnel when ISIS toke over multiple Iraqi cities."

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