IHEC official: 88% of the voter cards had been distributed in Saladin


Shafaq News/ Saladin's electoral office announced distributing 88% of voters' cards.

Only 21 days are left until the special polling day for the displaced, inmates, hospital patients, and security forces members, and 23 days until the regular elections.

The number of voters in Saladin has reached 922,594, according to the Governorate Elections Office.

The director of the office, Hamed Al-Ghannam, told Shafaq News Agency, "The registration centers and mobile teams affiliated with his office have completed distributing 88% of voter cards throughout the governorate, while the percentage of undistributed cards was less than 12%, amounting to less than 75,000 cards."

"The reasons for this are the non-return of the displaced and the problems of some families associated with ISIS in Baiji, Al-Shirqat, and Samarra, in addition to the preoccupation of the UNHCR office staff with the training of polling officials", he added.

Al-Ghannam indicated, "The rate of distribution of voter cards has reached 3000 cards per day," noting, "the distribution of voter cards will exceed 95% in the remaining period before the election date."

The director of the Saladin Elections Office affirmed the office's logistical and administrative readiness to conduct the elections.

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