IHEC has completed the hand recount in Najaf, al-Muthanna, and Baghdad


Shafaq News/ The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) said it had completed the hand recount of the ballots in the contested Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in Baghdad, al-Muthanna, and Najaf.

A statement issued by IHEC earlier today, Wednesday, said that the recount was made in the presence of representatives of the challenging candidates, international observers, and authorized media persons.

"The results of the recount will be submitted to the board of commissioners to make the recommendations accordingly to the Judicial Commission for the Elections," the statement said.

"Tomorrow, Thursday, will be devoted to re-tallying and counting the ballots of the contested EVMs in Nineveh," he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, IHEC said that it started the manual ballot recount of 264 EVMs in Baghdad, al-Muthanna, and Najaf.

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