IHEC grants the candidates included the "Baath uprooting list" an ultimatum to appeal


Shafaq News/ The Independent High Electoral Commission called (IHEC) called on the candidates whose names are included in the list issued by the Commission of Accountability and Justice to pursue the appropriate legal procedures if they wish to challenge their abrogation.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, IHEC said that the candidates covered by the procedures of the Accountability and Justice Law of the book No. 1827 on 13/6/2021, must follow the legal procedures before the competent cassation body to consider the appeals submitted against the decisions of the accountability body based on the provisions of Article 15 of the law.

"The board of Commissioners decided to inform the 226 candidates of their inclusion in the accountability and justice procedures," the statement added.

The Commission stressed that these candidates must provide evidence that supports their non-inclusion appeals via official letters from the commission or judicial decisions before June 30, 2021."

"Otherwise, the commission will have to implement the decision of the Commission for Justice and Accountability in line with the specified dates for the elections schedule."

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