ICFR monitors 236 "media lies" in one week


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Center for Fighting Rumors confirmed today that the reason behind the high level of false and misleading news last week is the dependence of the media and journalists on social media platforms that cause chaos and societal division, most notably.

 The center said in its weekly report, "Approximately 236 rumors were monitored, the largest part of which came from a channel on Telegram called Sabreen, in addition to "fake pages that were targeting state security by broadcasting fake pictures and news that incite murder and chaos."

 In its report, the Center warned the media and citizens of these channels and platforms that do not differ from the terrorist gangs' platforms. 

The center added that Article 179 first of the Iraqi Penal Code includes the owners of these channels and promoters of their news, as the article states, "A person shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years if he deliberately broadcasts news, statements, or rumors in time of war, false, tendentious, or intentionally provoking propaganda."

Shafaq Live
Shafaq Live