High vaccination turnout depletes COVID-19 vaccines in Baghdad's western neighborhood


Shafaq News/ The massive turnout at the vaccination centers in Baghdad has drained COVID-19 vaccine reserves at the western bank of the Tigris, a senior medical official said on Tuesday.

In a post on his personal Facebook account, the head of al-Karkh's Health Directorate, Jaseb al-Hojami, said that the vaccination centers at the western half of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

"We will inform you as soon as the new batches arrive early next week," he said, "We regret that we cannot provide you the vaccine whenever you ask."

Al-Hojami assured the citizens sought to receive the second jab that their shots are reserved for them, and they can visit the vaccination centers as scheduled. 

Vaccination turnout increased remarkably in the country this week amid a steep rise of COVID-19 infection rate. The Iraqi Ministry of Health reported 111,000 jabs on Tuesday alone.

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