Government to be announced in March, Forces from the Coordination Framework might ally with the Sadrist movement; source


Shafaq News/ A political source on Wednesday revealed that the government formation process is underway, hinting that some of the Coordination Framework forces might ally with the Sadrist movement if an inclusive agreement was not feasible.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that the Ministerial portfolios will be distributed in accordance with the electoral, not partisan, weight.

"The new vision of the government prioritizes the public interest over the interests of certain groups in order to assemble a strong independent government that is able to make historic decisions away from external influence and pressure."

"The government shall be announced in March. It might be the fastest announcement of a cabinet lineup. The precepts and the government program will be respected in every term, starting with the Prime Minister's name and not ending with the portfolio distribution."

"There are serious endeavors to revive the Shiite house pursuant to the requirements of the stage. Those efforts might be fruitful; but if they fail, some of the Coordination Framework forces might ally with the Sadrist movement."

"The latest statement of the Coordination Framework demonstrates its willingness to resume the talks to overcome the crisis."

The Coordination Framework said earlier that it will proceed with the legal process to challenge the outcomes of the Parliament's first session held on January 9.

"We believe that the course of the constitutional entitlements are invalid and carries within enforcing factors of social and political crises that might impede the success of any parliamentary or government efforts to meet the aspirations of the people and alleviate their distress."

"We still believe that a direct and frank dialogue that abides by the collective objectives and national commons is the fastest and easiest way to overcome the crises and formulate sustainable solutions," the Shiite forces consortium said.

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