Five members of Imtidad resign, the Movement was shocked


Shafaq News/ On Monday, the General Secretariat of the "Imtidad" Movement was "shocked" that five other deputies withdrew late at night.

The General Secretariat affirmed that it "is committed to the Movement's charters to follow up on complaints, investigate accusations, and apply laws to all without exception."

The statement added that Imtidad formed a fact-finding committee to investigate the complaints addressed to its members," but "we were surprised by the withdrawal of five deputies."

The representatives are Muhammad Nouri, Daoud Al-Aidan, Nidaa Al-Kuraiti, Kazem Al-Zayer, and Nissan Al-Zayer.

In February, 17 members of the Imtidad also withdrew from the Movement.

The Imtidad Movement is one of the few activist-led parties headed by pharmacologist Alaa al-Rikabi who was dismissed and the head of the Movement's bloc in the parliament Mohammed Nouri Aziz from their offices.

It won nine seats in the October 2021 parliamentary election.

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