Fire engulfs a school, explosion damages the house of a citizen in Dhi Qar 


Shafaq News/ An explosion rocked the east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, a source revealed this morning Saturday.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the explosion resulted from a traffic accident near al-Shaab area in Baghdad.

"The vehicle flipped a few times, and its gas tank exploded on the highway of the canal," the source said.

A source in Dhi Qar said that the security authorities started a high-profile investigation into a fire incident in a school building in the southern governorate. 

"The school burnt under mysterious circumstances which prompted launching an investigation," the source said. 

The source reported a bombing attack targeting the residence of a civilian in al-Rifai district, north of Dhi Qar, on Saturday morning. 

The attack caused material damages to the residence and the vehicle of the citizen, according to the source.

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