Fallujah Police arrest ISIS elements, seize explosives


Shafaq News/ An official announced on Monday that several ISIS members were arrested in Fallujah.

The Director of Fallujah Police Department, Brigadier Jamal Al-Jumaili told Shafaq News Agency, "the cooperation and coordination between the security services and the local administration in Fallujah contributed to uncovering many crimes, including the arrest of a group of terrorists who were trying to destabilize the city's security."

He pointed out that "the Fallujah police have found explosive devices left by ISIS, in the southern areas of the city, and they were detonated by the engineering team of the Al-Anbar Police."

Al-Jumaili stressed that "the city of Fallujah has witnessed unprecedented security stability since 2003, as a result of building a close relationship between the members of the security services and citizens, to impose security in the city."

He added, "Fallujah is the first among all Al-Anbar cities to implement laws, and this deters any party trying to destabilize the city's security or damage the public and private property."

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