Even amid sub-zero temperatures.. Baghdadis gather to have breakfast in al-Sadriyah restaurants


Shafaq News / Breakfast is, undoubtedly, the most important meal of the day for Baghdadis.

Kahi, Geymar, and barbecue are the most prominent breakfast options that people pass by, in the early morning hours, to fill their bellies before a long working day.

Shafaq News agency's lens toured al-Sadriyah market, where breakfast-specialized restaurants are always crowded, serving employees and workers, even amid sub-zero temperatures.

Al-Sadriyah area is located in Baghdad, surrounded by state departments and Souk al-Shorjah (al-Shorjah market), the largest market in Iraq.

The city was named after Sheikh Sadruldeen Mohammad Bin Mohammad al-Harawi, a former teacher in al-Bashiriyah school who is buried in al-Sadriyah.

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