Erbil to hold government talks with Baghdad via four committees


Shafaq News/ Erbil will run the government talks with Baghdad via four committees that represent the political forces in the Region, Deputy Speaker of Kurdistan's Parliament, Hemin Hawrami, said on Monday.

Hawrami's remarks came during a press conference he held earlier today in the headquarters of the Kurdistan Region Parliament.

"The Kurdish forces have reached a sort of understanding on how to run the talks with Baghdad regarding the formation of the next government," he said, "they decided to form four committees, including a committee to prepare a joint paper for the government program and another to discuss the Kurds share of the government positions."

"It seems that the Kurdish parties have lost the enthusiasm to discuss the establishment of a constitution, despite the sensitivity of this topic," he elaborated.

"If we have a constitution of the Region at the moment, we would be able to hold an election for the Region's Parliament every four years easily."

"We should form a committee to write the constitution because the members of the former committee have either passed away or left the country."

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