EU EOM: Low turnout in the elections, those who doubt the results to submit a complaint to IHEC


Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Iraq confirmed that the general polling turnout was "low," expressing regret over boycotting decisions by some parties, especially by the movement of October 17. 

The Chief Observer of the Mission, Viola von Cramon, said in a press conference held today in Baghdad, "the Iraqi elections were well managed," noting that the Mission was evaluating the elections and mobilizing voters to participate in the polls."

She added, "the Mission observed a low turnout," pointing out that EU EOM sent more than 100 observers, 12 experts, and 59 diplomats from European Union countries."

Cramon described the general polling day as "a calm and peaceful day," explaining that "Iraqis were able to vote freely amid properly electoral procedures by 95%, according to observers."

She pointed out, "the turnout was low, about 41% of the participants," indicating that the elections are supposed to change the political space. But, unfortunately, the majority did not believe in the opportunity."

In the conference, the head of the Mission added, "the Iraqi Constitution believes in freedoms through holding elections within the legal framework for electors, and the mission performed its task by the imposed international standards."

In addition, "the movement of October 17 boycotted the elections by the Freedom of Expression Initiative, and it was respected."

Meanwhile, the head stated, "some outlaw armed elements tried to scare the candidates during the election campaign, especially women, which negatively affected the electoral competition."

Asked by Shafaq News Agency correspondent, about some political parties accusing the Commission of manipulating the election results.

"The election was competitive among all parties," Cramon said, stressing that "there are no violations, about the results, and all necessary measures have been taken to prevent fraud."

She added that the Mission spoke with observers, voters, and citizens, and there were no problems during the electoral process.

"The situation was calm and orderly during the polling day, which was organized from the technical and technical side, and there is no reason for accusations of election fraud…the Mission did not monitor or notice any fraud during the election days."

She expressed hope that "the situation will remain calm after the elections, and this is in the interest of the Iraqi people to improve the democratic situation."

She explained that her mission "adopts the official data announced by the Electoral Commission and the parties may have internal results from their representatives…there are any doubts, they should submit complaints to the Commission, and it deals with them legally." 

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