Diyala schools are COVID-19-free, an official announces


Shafaq News / Diyala Health Department announced that no COVID-19 cases had been registered in any of its educational institutions until now.

The director of the department's media, Faris Khudair Al-Azzawi, told Shafaq News agency that his department had formed specialized health teams in all administrative units to examine students and academic staff, in addition to continuous coordination with schools and education directorates to monitor any possible infections.

He added that schools' epidemiological situation is reassuring, and the daily checks are continuing intensively, pointing out that his department will reveal any registered positive cases.

It is noteworthy that COVID-19 cases were registered in several schools in Basra and Al-Diwaniyah, which prompted a demand to postpone the school year and reassess educational institutions' epidemiological situation.

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