Diyala major parties deploy a new electoral tactic


Shafaq News/ An official source in Diyala revealed on Thursday that parliamentary candidates in the governorate are resorting to transferring their civil status information between the administrative units to dominate the upcoming elections.

The source told Shafaq News agency that veteran lawmakers and officials of leading parties in Diyala transferred their civil status from their hometowns to the city of Baquba to run the elections in its electoral district and ensure victory in the upcoming elections, indicating that the procedure is totally legal. 

"The political forces in Diyala have distributed their candidates to several administrative units to ensure their political hegemony over the governorate and the Council of Representatives. This significantly undermines the emergence of new parliamentary figures in Diyala from outside the big parties."

 In Iraq, early parliamentary elections are scheduled for 2021, which was the primary demand for widespread anti-government protests that began in October.

 The elections are supposed to take place according to a new electoral law in which the number of electoral districts was reduced and voting based on lists canceled

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