Diyala authorities commend the increasing vaccination turnout in the governorate


Shafaq News/ Diyala local authorities indicated that the vaccination turnout has increased significantly.

 The Head of Public Health Directorate in Diyala, Nabil Fadel, told Shafaq News Agency, "The number of people taking the COVID-19 vaccine in Diyala has exceeded 26,000", noting that the population of the governorate exceeds 1.6 million.

Fadel called on media and religious institutions to launch awareness campaigns to urge the citizens to receive their jabs.

"The vaccine is not the only way to confront COVID-19. The preventive measures must be adhered to, amid the current surge in all governorates, and expectations of a third wave of COVID hitting the world."

 Yesterday, Thursday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health warned of a third wave of the COVID-19 virus that may be more severe than the previous two waves.

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