Disconnecting Basra from the national power grid severely damages Dhi Qar, specialists say


Shafaq News/ The disconnection of Basra's power plants from the national grid will inflict appalling hardship on Dhi Qar, said energy specialists, and installing production plants in the governorate is vital.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the production capacity of Dhi Qar power plant is merely 660 MW, indicating that it meets the supply shortfall by rerouting 1000 to 1500 MW from the national grid.

Our correspondent quoted energy specialists saying that Dhi Qar will be "damaged the most by disconnecting Basra from the national grid".

The specialists said that Basra production plants supply 90% of Dhi Qar's electricity rerouted from the national grid, which renders disconnecting them a knockout to Dhi Qar.

To mitigate the power crisis in the governorate, the specialists said, new production plants shall be constructed in Dhi Qar urgently.

Elsewhere, Dhi Qar's Governor Ahmed al-Khafaji headed earlier today, Sunday, an expanded meeting attended by the directors of Power Distribution, Transmission, and Production, among other officials.

A readout issued by his office said that al-Khafaji instructed all Electricity Directorates to mobilize their efforts to sustain the rates of production and distribution that meet the public demand.

Al-Khafaji said that the administration will be in direct contact with the directorate in this file to help overcome the crisis.

The Governor of Basra, Assaad al-Eidani, said that Basra power production plants will be disconnected from the national grid as soon as the construction of a major transmission line is completed.

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