Dhi Qar's New Governor: no changes in the administrative structure of the governorate


Shafaq News/ The new governor of Dhi Qar, Mohammad Hadi al-Ghazzi, said on Monday that he will not make changes in the administrative structure of the governorate in accordance with partisan or tribal quota.

Upon chairing the first meeting of the heads of administrative units in the governorates, al-Ghazzi said, "the administrative and functional stability will be the motto of the next stage, with more supervision, follow up, and evaluation."

"None of the heads of administrative units will be changed according to the partisan quota or the demands of a particular group of residents. They will undergo a standardized scientific evaluation."

"Amid the absence of democratic solutions after dissolving the local councils, constantly changing the administrative units in response to demonstrative, partisan, tribal, or independent demands had a negative impact on their stability and ultimately impeded the progress of the projects and development plans."

"The head of the administrative units shall have a sense of stability and power to be able to devise plans he can sustain, instead of seeking a party he can rely on."

"We assure the heads of the administrative units: as long as you are serving the people, we support you."

"Specialized committees will be in charge of conducting monthly or weekly evaluations for the performance of the administrative units directors, starting from departments directors to the governor."

Al-Ghazzi commenced his tasks last Saturday in lieu of the resigned governor, Ahmed al-Khafaji.

Al-Ghazzi sent an assurance message to the heads of administrative units in the governorate; "There will be changes in the local government as rumored."

"The new administration will resume the construction and building campaign we began under Governor Ahmed al-Khafaji," he said.

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