Dhi Qar residents to receive their COVID-19 vaccine while reviewing government departments


Shafaq News/ A government document issued by the Dhi Qar Health Department in southern Iraq revealed today an intention to launch a comprehensive vaccination campaign for citizens during their review of government departments in the governorate.

"The Dhi Qar Health Department has addressed the governorate office to instruct the local government departments in Dhi Qar and all administrative units to provide a special place for vaccination teams."

"This step comes within the framework of launching a comprehensive campaign to vaccinate citizens during their review of the departments."

On July 12, a hospital in the governorate was exposed to a terrible fire accident that killed 92 patients, according to the Dhi Qar Health Department.

Yesterday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health issued a new warning to citizens following the surge in COVID-19 cases, noting that its institutions are facing a lot of pressure, and stressed the importance of vaccination and adherence to preventive measures.

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