Dhi Qar Police sends a message to the citizens


Shafaq News / The Dhi Qar Governorate Police Command expressed, on Saturday, its "pain" due to the “assault “on its forces.

A statement by the Command -directed to the people of Dhi Qar- said "our forces are subjected to pressure while trying to maintain the governorate's security and stability, protect public funds and infrastructure, as well as preserve the lives of our sons who attacked our force by throwing stones and practiced many provocative ways."

The statement continued; "Our brothers, our children, despite all the circumstances…we spare no effort ..to provide you with safety and security."

It added, "... the security forces are also your sons, your brothers and your friends."

The statement confirmed; "Dhi Qar police will continue to carry out their duties to maintain the security of Dhi Qar, its neighborhoods, and its commercial and public areas."

Southern Iraq has been a hotbed of protest in recent years after decades of conflict and neglect have left public services in a dire situation. Residents complain about polluted water and only having several hours of electricity per day.

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