Deputy commissioner in Dhi Qar: we have not received social benefits since 2015 


Shafaq News/ The deputy commissioner of Al-Fajr district in Dhi Qar Governorate, Mahdi Shanawa, revealed that social benefits have not been paid to the district since 2015.

 Shanawa told Shafaq News Agency that the social benefits allocated to al-Fajr have not been spent on the district since 2015 due to its proximity to the Al-Gharraf oil field, and are still stored in the Dhi Qar oil companies and Malaysia's Petronas lockers. 

 He added that his administration has so far requested more than three billion Iraqi dinars over the past six years, and it has not been received anything "for unknown reasons," noting that Qalaat Sukar, Al-Rifai and Al-Nasr districts suffer from the same issue.

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