Demonstrators storm the streets of Dhi Qar and Wasit 


Shafaq News/ Angry demonstrators in Dhi Qar governorate closed Al-Haboubi Square in the center of Nasiriyah city, the center of the governorate.

The demonstrators confirmed that their friends had been arrested a while ago and had not been released until now, according to Shafaq News Agency correspondent.

 For their part, demonstrators in Wasit Governorate organized a sit in front of the al-Zubaidiyah thermal power station to protest the current power outage crisis.

However, a local source in Al-Aziziyah district of Wasit governorate reported that four protesters were wounded by security forces' bullets.

 Dozens of the district's residents demonstrated yesterday protesting the decline in energy supply due to the increase in demand, technical problems, and attacks on power transmission towers.

In addition, dozens protested yesterday in Basra demanding solutions for the current electricity crisis.

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