Covid-19: More than 200 thousand cases


Shafaq News / Iraq registered, on Friday, 3965 new cases and of Covid-19, as well as about 2947 recoveries and 70 fatalities in the past 24 hours.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment said in a statement that, 20459 tests were performed today,

The newly recovery cases were distributed as follows:

Baghdad / Al-Rusafa 205, Baghdad / Al-Karkh 290, Medical City 87, Najaf 224, Al-Sulaymaniyah 45, Erbil 252, Karbala 278, Kirkuk 142, Diyala 122, Wasit 321, Babel 93, Basra 224, Maysan 84, Al-Diwaniyah 104, Dhi Qar 250, Al-Anbar 39, Muthanna 108, Saladin 5 and Nineveh 74 .


The statement indicated that the cases that are diagnosed amounted to 3965 cases, distributed as follows:

Baghdad/ Al-Rusafa 503, Baghdad/ Al-Karkh 374,Medica city 103,  Najaf 275, Al-Sulaymaniyah 117, Erbil 214, Duhok 201, Kirkuk 117, Karbala 304, Diyala 173, Wasit 201,  Basra 335, Maysan 81, Babel 88, Dhi Qar 280, Al-Diwaniyah 238, Al-Anbar 83, Muthanna 166, Nineveh 84, and Saladin 28.


While 70 mortality cases were registered, as follows:

Baghdad/ Al-Rusafa 5, Baghdad/ Al-Karkh3, Najaf 2, Al-Sulaymaniyah 1, Erbil 8,Duhok 2,  Karbala 2, Kirkuk 4, Basra 10, Wasit 4, Babel 8, Dhi Qar 4, Al-Diwaniyah2, Anbar 1, Muthanna 4, Nineveh 5, Diyala 2 and Saladin 3 .


Since the beginning of the outbreak, the total number of:

·       Confirmed cases: 201050.

·       Recoveries 143393 (71.3% of the cases).

·       Inpatients: 51304, which 637 admitted to ICU.

·       Fatalities: 6353.

·       Tests: 1413947

In a second statement, the Ministry of Health dissociates itself from the increase in the infection rate after parties and political parties held it responsible.


The ministry said, "It was noticed recently that the Ministry of Health looked the responsible for increasing infections with Corona virus, and here we must make it clear that controlling any infection epidemic can be prevented by taking the necessary measures that the health authorities announce and define, and their implementation falls on citizens and other concerned authorities."


The statement warned that, "Since the outbreak, on a daily basis, the Ministry of Health has been issuing health instructions for the citizen and submitting the necessary recommendations to the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety."

"the ministry was calling through all the media for the necessity to commit to health instructions by wearing the mask and keeping social distancing." It added.


The statement declared that "in the months of Muharram and Safar, the Ministry of Health calls on the people to adhere to health instructions and maintain social distancing to avoid an increase in the number of cases."

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