Court of Cassation reverses the dismissal of NCMC chair


Shafaq News/ The Administrative Court of Cassation annulled on Sunday a ruling against the head of the National Communication and Media Commission (NCMC), Nabil Jasem.

On May 5, the board of commissioners of NCMC relieved Dr. Faraj Fadlallah, head of the Commission back then, from his duties and appointed Dr. Nabil Jasem in lieu.

However, on May 18, 2021, the Supreme Administrative Court revoked the decree of NCMC's board of Commissioners and reinstated the dismissed chair Fadlallah.

Earlier today, the Court of Cassation reversed the Supreme Administrative Court's ruling for it violated Article 9/first/A of the State Council Act no. 65 of 1979, which limits the prerogative of the Supreme Administrative Court to lawsuits files by citizens against state departments or public sector institutes for issues related to the rights emerged from the services law.

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