Coordination Framework welcomes the blocs' decision to Boycott Monday's session


Shafaq News / The Coordination Framework welcomed the Parliamentary blocs' decision to Boycott Monday's Parliamentary session.

The Framework said in a statement, "our position is still the same, and we welcome the parties that took the same decision as ours."

"Since it was clear that the country is going through a political blockage, the Framework and its allies' decision clearly stressed the need to suspend the Presidential election session before an agreement is reached."

Earlier today, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) revealed that it will boycott tomorrow's parliamentary session.

The leader in the KDP, Arafat Karam, said in a tweet, "we will not attend tomorrow's parliamentary session."

In addition, the Sadrist movement and al-Siyada coalition announced boycotting the session.

Al-Siyada coalition, headed by Khamis al-Khanjar, announced today that the coalition will boycott tomorrow's parliamentary session.

The coalition said in a statement that its decision supports the Iraqi parties' efforts to find solutions and reach agreements.

"We will stay in touch with all national parties to find solutions that will prevent more crises to occur", it added.

The Supreme Federal Court suspended the candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari.

Legal expert, Ali al-Tamimi, said the Court's decision did not only suspend Hoshyar Zebari's candidacy, but also all the Parliament's measures to hold the Presidential election session.

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