Coordination Framework to push for a Kurdistan reconciliation if efforts to bond with al-Sadr fail, MP says


Shafaq News/ A leading figure of the State of Law Coalition said that the Coordination Framework will pursue a different approach to the election of the head of the state after the failure of the trilateral coalition in previous two attempts, hinting at a potential meeting of the leaders of the Shiite consortium with the leader of the Sadrist movement soon.

The member of the State of Law Coalition, Mohammad al-Sayhood, told Shafaq News Agency, "the quorum required to proceed with the selection of a new president of the republic is 220 MPs. The Coordination Framework has already launched an effort to hold a session in the next few days."

"The Coordination Framework envisages a new scenario for the election of the president," he said, "the approach of the trilateral coalition has proven to be a failure in two consecutive sessions called to elect a new head of the state."

"The new scenario stipulates the formation of a largest bloc that brings together the two Shiite wings, the Coordination Framework and the Sadrist movement. However, if these endeavors fail to fruit, we will push for a Kurdish agreement over a consensus candidate for the presidency."

"We might witness soon a meeting between the leaders of the Coordination Framework and the Sadrist movement to break the deadlock and form a new government," the lawmaker said.

Yesterday, Saturday, a source revealed that the head of the State of Law bloc, Nouri al-Maliki, has engaged in parallel talks with the Iraqi political forces to ease the tension and overcome the bitter impasse impeding the formation of a government for nearly half a year after the October election.

The source said that the talks involve the entire political spectrum, except for the Sadrist movement, whose leader opted to pursue a state of political reclusion for forty days.

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