Coordination Framework to form a committee to overlook the government's work-source 


Shafaq News/ The Coordination Framework will form a higher committee that will set the campus of the next government and overlook its work, a source from inside the Shiite forces consortium said on Tuesday.

"The Coordination Framework's last meeting ended up forming an 'opinion committee' that will overlook and rectify the government's work, decide its priorities, and take the necessary measures to ensure it meets its demands," the source told Shafaq News Agency.

According to the source, the committee includes the State of Law's Nouri al-Maliki, al-Fatah's Hadi al-Ameri, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq movement's Qais al-Khazali, al-Nasr's Haidar al-Abadi, al-Ataa's Falih al-Fayyadh, and al-Hekmah's Ammar al-Hakim even though his movement is not a part of the Coordination Framework. 

"The committee will keep tabs on the sovereign studies to ensure Iraq maintains a neutral and impartial position and does not get involved in regional rows," the source continued.

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