China: we are looking for opportunities with Kurdistan

China: we are looking for opportunities with Kurdistan

Shafaq News / The Chinese Ambassador to Iraq, Cui Wei, revealed details about the outcomes of the Arab-Chinese Summit held in Riyadh, confirming the close relationship with Iraq.

In a press conference, the Chinese Ambassador considered the visit of President Xi Jinping to Saudi Arabia as the most prominent and highest-level diplomatic event for China with the Arab world, as it represents "a strategic choice made by the Chinese and Arab sides to enhance solidarity and coordination in facing global challenges."

Cui Wei revealed that the Chinese and the Arabs agreed on three memorandums of understanding during the Summit; the first is the Riyadh Declaration of the first Chinese-Arab Summit, in which the two sides agreed to work to "build the Chinese-Arab community."

"Secondly, the outlines of the comprehensive cooperation plan between China and the Arab countries, in the political, economic, trade, investment, financial and other 18 fields."

And the third understanding is "deepening the Chinese-Arab strategic partnership for peace and development."

Concerning the Palestinian cause, Cui Wei affirmed that "the Chinese president fully supports to establish an independent state of Palestine and supports Palestine's right of full membership in the United Nations; in addition, China would continue to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, and China will always stand by them."

On the Iraqi-Chinese ties, the Ambassador explained that the Chinese president met with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia'a al-Sudani, on the sidelines of the Summit, where he stressed that Iraq is "one of the first Arab countries to establish diplomatic relations with China."

"The Chinese side will continue to support the Iraqi side in protecting its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity and strengthening solidarity and cooperation among Iraqi parties." The Ambassador added.

Cui Wei expressed Beijing's readiness to deepen the strategic partnership between the two countries and that the Chinese side will continue working with Baghdad in economic reconstruction and industry sector."

"Cooperation between China and Iraq is in all fields, and Chinese companies operate in all Iraqi governorates, including in the Kurdistan Region." He said.

"China discussed with the Iraqi side new opportunities for cooperation with Iraqi Kurdistan." The Ambassador added.

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