Candidate withdraws from the elections, and the Kurdistan Communist Party running with only one candidate


Shafaq News/ Candidate running for the Iraqi parliamentary elections for "al-Sanad al-Watani" bloc, Dalal Hasan Muhammad al-Gharrawi, announced her withdrawal from the electoral race on Saturday.

In a press release issued earlier today, al-Gharrawi said that she decided to withdraw her candidacy and halt her political activities to devote herself to obtaining higher academic degrees.

Elsewhere, the Kurdistan Communist Party lambasted Iraq's "bad" elections law.

In a press release issued earlier today, Abu Karwan, a member of the party's Politburo, said, "powerful people in the state can legislate laws that serve their interests...Iraq has become 83 electoral constituents. The share of the big parties will only be bigger."

"Parties do not get the votes for their electoral program, but because they have the power, money, and authority that enables them to rig the elections," he continued, "the best electoral law is making the country a single electoral constituent because the parliamentarian shall represent Iraq as a whole."

Abu Karwan said that his party supports the Christian Faruq Hanna Attu, "because his electoral program matches the party's aspirations," despite being an independent candidate.

Endorsing Attu, who is running for the elections in Erbil's electoral district, was the Communist party's optimal strategy for the elections, according to the statement, in addition to the party's only candidate these elections, who is running for a seat in Nineveh.

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