COVID-19's third wave reaches its peak in Iraq


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Ministry of Health described the current epidemiological situation in the country as "very dangerous", noting that the symptoms of COVID-19's third wave are intolerable and the number of mortalities is rising. 

 The ministry said in a statement that the technical agent in charge of managing the Ministry of Health, Hani Al-Aqabi, sent a message to the people from Dari Al-Fayyad Hospital in Baghdad, in which he said that the epidemiological situation in Iraq is very serious.

 Al-Aqabi explained that the Ministry of Health has prepared data to deal with the pandemic, noting that the number of healthcare professionals in hospitals is insufficient, "We cannot overcome the pandemic and reduce the number of hospitals without taking the vaccine."

 He pointed out that "the symptoms of the virus are very dangerous and difficult to tolerate," stressing, "the vaccine is our only salvation."

 Al-Aqabi called on patients and escorts to abide by the instructions of the medical staff.

"We are now at the peak of the third wave,"

calling on the security forces to enhance their presence in all hospitals to deter those who stand in the way of providing services to patients".

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