COVID-19 critical cases are piled up in al-Anbar hospitals, no places in ICU


Shafaq News/ Intensive Care Units (ICU) in al-Anbar are overwhelmed by the load of COVID-19 critical cases, the Health Directorate of the Governorate said on Saturday, urging the citizens to abide by the preventive measures set by the public health authorities.

A statement of al-Anbar's Health Directorate said that the load of COVID-19 cases that require inpatient care has reached unprecedented levels, indicating that the critical patients are piled up in the wards despite requiring intensive care.

"Transferring patients from the Fallujah Teaching Hospital to the Shifaa Hospital in al-Ramada is an example," the statement added.

The Directorate urged the citizens to avoid gatherings, feasts, condolence tents, and parties, comply with the social distancing, refrain from unneeded physical contact, and apply for COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible.

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