CF deputy: the Turkish presence in Iraq is not allowed anymore

CF deputy: the Turkish presence in Iraq is not allowed anymore

Shafaq News/ A deputy of the Shiite Coordination Framework, Ibtisam Al-Gharawi, said the presence of the Turkish Army would not be allowed in Iraqi territory.

"Today's parliament session is not just for listening to ministers and military leaders; there will be decisions." Al-Gharawi told Shafaq News Agency.

She added, "the Turkish Army violates the sovereignty of Iraq by occupying Iraqi territory. there are five military bases, more than 100 military points for the Turkish Army, and four thousand Turks on Iraqi territory."

The Iraqi lawmaker revealed that Ankara carried out more than 20 thousand sorties."

"The Turks possess various weapons and military equipment in Iraq."

"We will not allow Turks to stay here anymore. As we face ISIS, we will face the Kurdistan Workers' Party, the Turkish Army, and any forces that violate Iraqi sovereignty." She concluded.

The Turkish Army has regularly attacked regions in Kurdistan, saying it targets PKK ammunition depots, caves, and other hideouts.

The last Turkish bombardment was last Wednesday when four shells fell on the Barakh resort in Zakho of Kurdistan, killing nine tourists and wounding others.

The Iraqi and Kurdish authorities, many countries, the Arab League, and UNAMI condemned the attack, considering it "a violation against Iraqi territory."

Protesters marched through the streets of the Iraqi governorates condemning the attack and calling to expel the Turkish Ambassador and Consuls.

In turn, Turkey denied carrying out any attack against civilians in Kurdistan.

"According to the information we received from the Turkish Armed Forces, we did not carry out any attack against civilians," the foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry asked Iraqi government officials not to make statements on the Duhok attack "under the influence of rhetoric and propaganda" of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

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