Bu Traz attack happened outside Diyala amid sandstorm, local officer says


Shafaq News/ The administrator of Diyala's al-Udhaim sub-district, Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed al-Obaidi, on Monday said that the ISIS attack which targeted a group of families residing near the Bu Traz village took place inside the jurisdiction of Saladin, not Diyala.

Al-Obaidi told Shafaq News Agency that the terrorist group exploited the sand storm and the lack of security presence to wage an attack on the Bu Traz village located in Saladin, near the borders of Diyala.

"Except for a single regiment affiliated with the Diyala Operations Command, the territory where the attack happened is devoid of security presence," he continued. 

The local officer said that ISIS groups waged two attacks near al-Udhaim in the past 24 hours. 

"The first was near the borders of al-Meita with al-Udhaim and the other near al-Hitaween crossing, which traverses al-Udhaim river separating Diyala and Saladin," he explained. 

"The vast landscape and the large security gaps render such attacks easier, despite the heavy fortifications," he added.

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