Basra operations commander visits al-Faw port


Shafaq News / The Commander of Basra Operations Command, Major General Ali Al-Majidi, instructed to enhance the security situation of al-Faw Port.

This came during a field visit of the Basra Operations Commander and the Director of Iraqi Ports, to al-Faw port.

According to a statement, the visit included, "viewing the most important vital facilities and infrastructure, since the project represents a major economic spurt for Iraq."

Al-Majidi stressed, according to the statement, the need to enhance the security situation at al-Faw port," noting that the command will, during the coming period,

send additional forces to the project.

"Al-Faw port is an economic edifice and a glimmer of hope for all Iraqis, and we must always protect it", he concluded.

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