Basra identifies the "Truthful Promise" goals


Shafaq News / On Saturday, Basra Operations Command identified the two main objectives of the "Truthful Promise" operations to impose law in the governorate. 

Basra Operations Commander Akram Saddam said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, "It is permissible not to confiscate light weapons and leave one piece of weapon in every house," stressing that "all weapons in places where drugs are present and promoted are confiscated."

He added, "Restricting weapons in the hands of the state and eliminating the drugs problem is the most important goal of the Truthful Promise operations," stressing that "there is no place anymore for the wanted and outlaws in Basra Governorate."

Saddam praised the "professional media role in the operations."

A week ago, the security forces launched a massive search operation in the named "Truthful promise" to confiscate illegal weapons and arrest those wanted by the judiciary.

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