Basra Light crude recorded the highest price among OPEC


Shafaq News / Basra Light crude climbs, today, Tuesday, to more than 64 dollars per barrel.

Basra Light Oil for Asia rose to $ 66.47 a barrel or 3.42%, while Basra Heavy Oil prices rose 1.38% to 61.90$ per barrel which is the highest price compared to other OPEC oil.

On the other hand; Saudi Arabian Light oil stead at 63.34 dollars per barrel, Emirati Murban mixture recorded 63.10 dollars per barrel, Algerian Saharan mixture scored 65.70 dollars per barrel, while Nigerian Bonny Light oil scored 65.36 dollars.

International oil prices have risen recently, Brent crude scored $ 66.65, while West Texas crude at $ 63.61.

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