Baghdad to manage Erbil's oil exports-document


Shafaq News / A document obtained by Shafaq News agency revealed that the Federal ministry of oil will manage the file of the Kurdistan Region's oil exports, based on the Federal Supreme Court's (FSC) decision.

The document showed that the Federal government addressed the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to nominate two persons to represent it while implementing FSC's decision, but no response has been received until the moment.

The Ministry, according to the statement, implemented a series of measures to manage oil-related operations to maximize incomes based on FSC's decision.

On February 15, the Federal Supreme Court decided that the oil and gas law in the Kurdistan Region is unconstitutional.

The Iraqi minister of oil had filed a lawsuit against Kurdistan's minister of natural resources, requesting a clarification from the concerned authorities in Baghdad and Erbil.

He called for adhering to the constitution, stressing the need for the Kurdistan region to hand over its oil production to the Federal Government.

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