Baghdad prohibits electoral campaigns inside IDCs


Shafaq News / A prominent official in al-Anbar Provincial Bureau revealed today that the federal government has prevented exploiting the displacement camps for political promotion, indicating that tribal sheikhs and human rights defenders have warned against exploiting the camps for electoral campaigning.

The local official told Shafaq News Agency, "The government directives are in line with the electoral commission law, and stipulates prohibiting political blocs and candidates from entering camps or displaced persons' gatherings, under the pretext of introducing humanitarian aid or making promises to solve the displacement crisis."

As by him, this decision came in conjunction with appeals by tribal leaders and human rights defenders who warned against exploiting the displaced, especially amid the officials' failure to close this file despite the passage of more than four years since the liberation of al-Anbar and the families' return to their original areas of residence.

The local official described the decision as, "an important step that must be culminated by the government in returning the displaced to their homes, especially in cities controlled by armed factions preventing them from returning, such as in Jurf al-Sakhr and al-Uaisat in Babel, al-Awja in Saladin, and al-Anbar."

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