Baghdad assures KRG that it will send 200 billion dinars to the region monthly


Shafaq News/ The Minister of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region, Awat Sheikh Janab, said that Baghdad assures the Kurdistan Regional Government that it will send an amount of 200 billion dinars every month, to finance the salaries of the public sector employees in the region.

Sheikh Janab said in a joint press statement with the Minister of Construction and Housing, Dana Abdel Karim, that the Iraqi Council of Ministers issued two decisions to send 200 billion dinars to finance the salaries of employees in the region, and according to the assurances we received, we will continue to receive the amount monthly.

The minister said, "The regional government never failed to secure the salaries," adding, "We hope that the federal government will continue sending the money and treat citizens in the region like any other citizen in Iraq, and not discriminate between them as it previously did."

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