Baghdad and Damascus discuss the return of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in both countries


Shafaq News / The Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Evan Faiq Jabro, expressed the Iraqi government's willingness to cooperate with its Syrian counterpart to facilitate the refugees' voluntary return to their countries.

This came during her meeting with the Syrian Interior Minister, Major General Muhammad al-Rahmoun, where she said, "We, as an Iraqi government, value the great efforts of the Syrian government and the Ministry of Interior to meet the demands of the Iraqi community."

For his part, al-Rahmoun said that the Ministry of Interior is keen to take care of the Iraqis in Syria and settle their situation, pointing out that his country is providing all facilities for refugees' voluntary return in both countries.

He added that the Syrian government granted entry visas to Iraqi businessmen to Syria and allowed religious visits to Iraqis, according to a specific mechanism that considers the COVID-19 preventive measures.

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