Azm coalition demands international supervision over the upcoming elections 


Shafaq News/ Azm coalition demanded international intervention and supervision over the upcoming parliamentary elections, warning of violations that threaten the electoral process.

 MP of the coalition, Nahida Zaid Al-Dainy, told Shafaq News Agency, "We demand intervention and an effective role of the United Nations and international supervision of the elections in mixed governorates, especially Diyala and Saladin, to prevent violations that may exceed 70%, due to threats, tense conditions and the control of influential parties throughout the security situation."

 "Candidates currently fear political assassinations," warning of, "controlling the election centers by certain parties and the confiscating the rights of other candidates."

 Al-Daini pointed out, "there are concerns that restrict the movement of candidates in their areas of mass influence in Diyala and other governorates", stressing the need to "address this issue and avoid unwanted results or deviation from the democratic and national path."

 The elections are scheduled to be held on the tenth of next October, amid government pledges to hold fair elections.

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