Authorities locate a 700 meters long oil smuggling pipelines


Shafaq News/ The administrator of Al-Thaghr sub-district in Basra Governorate revealed, on Sunday, that the authorities identified oil smuggling pipeline and seized two vehicles equipped for this purpose.


The administrator of the sub-district, Nateq Al-Maliki, said in a statement to Shafaq News agency, "at 10:00 am today, we received information from the National Security Center in Qurna about 700 meters long pipelines for smuggling crude oil and its derivatives in Imam Al-Qaim district - Al-Seeb area - west of Basra-Maysan road", indicating that, "a working team was formed by us, Al-Sarifa Police Station and the Oil Police. At 11:00 pm, the pipeline was located".


He continued, "a tanker for smuggling crude oil was seized near the side, upside down and abandoned with a quantity of smuggled oil in it. The Tanker has nor plates neither official papers", adding, "a cart equipped for oil smuggling was also seized handed over to the third regiment of the oil police".


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