Armed attack on a local company in Basra


Shafaq News / Unidentified gunmen attacked, on Tuesday, a local company investing in infrastructure in Basra Governorate.


The director of "Sahl Al-Iraq" company, Rahim Al-Bazouni, told Shafaq News agency, "the company's staff were subjected to shooting by unknown gunmen", noting that the gunmen fled to an unknown destination.


Al-Bazouni revealed that the company had received threatening letters from anonymous parties demanding stopping the company's work, indicating that this may lead to the failure of the company's projects in the governorate.


He added that the company started work with the presence of security forces.


It is noteworthy that threatening companies intending to invest in the infrastructure was a key factor in discouraging investment and investors, disrupting it or canceling it, while specialists attribute these actions to conflict of economic interests and political influence. Reports of UN indicate that despite the huge governmental promotions, Iraq remains an unattractive environment to investors.

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