Armed Forces: we were provoked


Shafaq News / The spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces released, on Monday, a clarification about the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, central Baghdad. 

Security sources told Shafaq News Agency, that there were casualties among the demonstrators and security forces in Al-Tahrir square, and Al-Tayaran Square in the center of the Iraqi capital late Monday night, after clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

Major General Yahya Rasoul said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, "The Iraqi security forces have clear and strict instructions not to attack any demonstrators, unless absolutely necessary.”

He added, “provocation of the security is a matter driven by parties that do not want Iraq to stabilize."

For its part, the Commission for Human Rights announced that the security forces used live bullets, rubber and tear gas to disperse a demonstration in Tahrir Square asking the government to lead an urgent investigation.

The commission said also in a statement that casualties and injuries among the demonstrators, as well as injuries to the security forces are monitored.

 Yesterday Sunday, demonstrators in Al-Tahrir Square and Al-Sadr City crossed the squares with burning tires.

The demonstrations renewed a short time ago in Baghdad and a number of governorates of Iraq to demand the provision of services and accountability for the killers of the demonstrators.

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