Another meeting between al-Sadr and the Shiite Framework might happen soon; al-Fatah MP

Another meeting between al-Sadr and the Shiite Framework might happen soon; al-Fatah MP

Shafaq News/ A meeting that brings together the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Coordination Framework leaders might take place soon, a leading figure of the Shiite forces consortium revealed on Tuesday.

Member of Al-Fatah's parliamentary bloc, Fadhel al-Fatlawi, told Shafaq News Agency that the Coordination Framework's leaders might visit al-Hannana, the headquarters of the Sadrist leader in Najaf, in the next couple of days.

"The meeting will discuss forming a bloc that encompasses both, the Sadrist movement and the Coordination Framework," al-Fatlawi said, "once formed, it will be the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament."

"Al-Sadr's vision includes Jaafar al-Sadr in premiership. The Coordination Framework does not have a veto on his name. The nominees for the post will be subject to deliberation in further meetings."

After months of deadlock over who will hold the position of Iraq’s president and prime minister in a laborious process towards government formation, an agreement finally seems possible, and perhaps even likely.

The shift is due to a recent phone call between Muqtada al-Sadr, who forged ab alliance along with Sunni and Kurdish allies, and Maliki, the divisive former prime minister representing the Coordination Framework.

According to a source, al-Sadr confirmed his insistence on a government of a national majority, effectively telling the Coordination Framework he is not considering joining them in a bloc that would become the largest in the parliament.

Two sources revealed later that the recent meeting of the Shiite rivals ended up with naming the Kurdistan Democratic Party's candidate, Rebar Ahmed, as their candidate for the presidency, while adjourning the "selection criteria" of the long-awaited prime minister to later meetings.

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