An explosion near Jisr al-Aimmah in Baghdad

An explosion near Jisr al-Aimmah in Baghdad

Shafaq News/ An explosion rocked on Monday evening a bridge leading to Al-Kadhimiyah in Baghdad.

A source told Shafaq News Agency, "a mysterious explosion took place on al-Aimmah Bridge linking between al-A'dhamiyah and Al-Kadhimiyah."

Another source revealed that the blast resulted from a hand grenade thrown by unidentified persons, injuring ten people. 

The source added that security forces arrested a suspect near Abu Hanifah al-No'man neighborhood. 

"The situation is stable now on the bridge. The security forces tightened the measures and started searching the pilgrims," the source continued. 

The security media cell said that a hand grenade exploded in a dumpster near Jisr al-Aimmah in Baghdad, injuring eight citizens. 

"Security forces started an investigation to reveal the circumstances of the incident and pursue the perpetrators. The pilgrims continue their march to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Al-Kadhim," the cell added. 

The source added that pilgrims walk through this bridge to reach the religious sites in Al-Kadhimiyah.

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